Starting with a TASCAM 4 track casette recorder and an AKG 414 mic in the early ninetees, I always liked to do some recordings on my own.

Slowly I started to upgrade my gear... 1st class preamps, mics, a "Studiobox" recording booth, IntelMac & LogicPro, outboard gear, amps etc. joined the "family"... so eventually I felt comfortable a few years ago to offer my services on a pro-level and the first jobs for tracking guitars (vocals & more) came along.

These days quite a few albums have been tracked (overdubbed) at my little "dream room"...

MASSICAL (Trilok Gurtu)

21 SPICES (Trilok Gurtu & Simon Phillips with NDR Bigband)


...and more

If you'd like me to track some guitars for your music, just drop me a line: